Sunday, February 13, 2011

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn

I had an appointment with my nuero... guy on Friday and had a MRI and a MRA. The good news is....I still have brain activity. The not so good news is, I probably have an aneurysm in my really smart head. But before I get too carried away with the 'Oh woe is me,' stuff, I have to go to an aneurysm guy to make sure. Since I am in kidney failure,(so they say...I don't really believe them, but I'm going along with them just in case :o) anyway, they won't give me the dye that will really show them what is what on yet another brain scan. So what is one to do?

Here are my choices....
1) Let sleeping dogs lie and then get bit on the ass and die when the darn thing bursts. Who knows I could have another good 6 months to a year in me yet.


2) Have the dye used and lose even more kidney function. Let's far I can seize and die or I could let a machine drain all of my blood and put it back into me two or three times a week and lose a little of my life every time they do that.


3) Don't have the dye. Get a MRA every 3-6 months and keep an eye on the darn thing if it turns out to be small. my choices are...seize..drain my blood..or make me glow in the dark...let me continue.


4) Oh wait...there's not a four...looks like I'm out of options.

So, I guess I'll do the smart thing and listen to Dr. Brain Bubble (named after my aneurysm) and see what he recommends and then go with whatever will extend my life. I love living. I have so much on my plate right now, I cannot possibly die and God knows that. This is just another one of those.....Here Donna....catch, let's see what your made of. Well made me fearless, cautious, but fearless. So toss down that big ole bag of Here....Try this malady on for size....and let me at it. One last thing God...thanks for my life and thanks for being in it.

All my Love,
All the Time.

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